Reactor Recirculation Pump / Reactor Coolant Pump

Reactor Recirculation Pump / Reactor Coolant Pump

Reactor Feed Pump




Update from CEO

February 2024 - This is an exciting time for Powerhouse Resources; we have been servicing our clients across the energy sector for the last 25 years, and now we are building on this experience to continue to meet the needs of the industry.

Over the past two and a half decades, we have built a strong reputation in the industry, delivering fast and reliable, yet cost effective, high quality expert service. Everything we do comes from the foundational mission we have of delivering the right, sustainable, solution the first time, every time. This is why many of our clients have stayed with us since conception.

We approach a new season of growth so that we are able to deliver our service for more clients, supporting them in achieving more efficient and effective outages, whether pre planned or emergency response.

While we diligently remain true to the core values that made Powerhouse what it is today, our team is evolving to meet the growing demands of the industry. It is our intent through this growth that we can support more clients as they face increasing pressures to achieve tighter schedules and budgets through their outage, while maintaining safety and sustainably optimizing performance of the assets.

I would like to thank our phenomenal team of experts for their commitment over the years and moving forward into this new era, as well as our clients for continually trusting Powerhouse to support them. We look forward to supporting more of you in the future.

Systematic Industrial Operations (SIO) Training enhances Fleet Performance

The Powerhouse Team enters our third year partnering with CALPINE . We are in the closing stages of helping to develop and deliver the fleet wide Operational Excellence program. We continue to go Unit to Unit to reach the entire fleet. Over 80 of CALPINE’s executives and regional managers took part in the kick off in Houston, Texas.

For more information on this training for your organization please training page.


Nine Mile / Fitzpatrick Emergent Repairs

  • MG Set Mechanical / Feedpump
  • Valve Repair and Welding Crew assist
  • Circulating Water Pump Overhaul (Turnkey)
  • Circulating Water Pump
  • 2 Feed booster Pump
  • Recirculating water pump motor change out
  • N-Seal Rebuild
  • Test and Final Installation

Plant Vogtle

  • Feedpump Overhaul (Turnkey)

Plant Hatch

  • Emergent Feedwater Pump Bearing Repair

McGuire Station

  • Mechanical assist on “B” LP Steam Turbine
  • Mechanical assist on Main Generator Inspection
  • Overhaul RFP
  • Overhaul RFP Aux Steam Turbine

Calpine Projects

  • 7 SIO Training Sessions for Operational Excellence Program
  • Continued individualized site specific training

Orlando Utilities Commission(OUC) Project

  • SIO Training Sessions for Plant Management
  • Completed Initial Operators training sessions
  • Scheduling phase of final Training sessions

Power Plant Operations and Matinenance Conference, Charlotte, NC

  • Al Meadows was an Expert Speaker on Day 1 Topic was Human Performance and Systematic Industrial Operations

VOGTLE Units 3 and 4 Pump Work

  • Partnered with Hyundai Heavy Industrial to complete OEM Factory recall work
  • Fully Disassembled Serviced all 6 Feed Pumps
  • Completed Rebuilds and Modifications on various large and small pumps
  • Participated in several RCA Roundtables
  • Duke Energy Nuclear Fleet Steam Turbine Decks

Duke Energy Nuclear Fleet Steam Turbine Decks

  • Provided quality staffing for Turbine and Generator outages starting in 2020
  • Provided certified Crane Operators and Riggers
  • Worked at multiple sites including McGuire, Catawba and Oconnee

Continued Excellence with N-7500 Seals

  • Continued proven track record with quality seal builds, testing and longevity
  • Completed work at Cooper Station, Plant Hatch, Brunswick Station
  • Planned outage work and emergent rapid response

Vogtle Unit 4 Emergent Feed Pump Repair

  • Assemble Crew and on site within 24 hrs during Spring 24 Outage Season
  • Assembled and delivered to site a night shift crew within the next 24 hrs
  • Worked with Engineering and Site Management to develop a repair schedule that limited the impact on critical Milestones and Testing

This is a photo of a Circulating Water Pump project at Nine Mile Point by Powerhouse Resources.

This is a photo of the new Foster Wheeler rotating element at Nine Mile Point assembled by Powerhouse Resources.

This is a photo of Condensate Pump at Fitzpatrick by Powerhouse Resources.

This is a photo of Circulating Water Pump at Fitzpatrick by Powerhouse Resources.

This is a photo of Circulating Water Pump New Motor Installed by Powerhouse Resources.