Reactor Recirculation Pump / Reactor Coolant Pump

Reactor Recirculation Pump / Reactor Coolant Pump

Reactor Feed Pump




From the President:

May 2020 - Our Powerhouse Resources team sends prayers and hopes that our Power industry friends and family are well as we move through these challenging times. If we can be of help, we are ready to safely assist in any way possible. Above all, let’s all stay safe and healthy.

By way of a short update, Bruce and I have invested many hours over the past year, developing our diversification strategy to expand Powerhouse Resources’ technical service “foot print,” now entering our 20th year of successful operation. In executing our aggressive approach, we have expanded our reach to the commercial turbine deck, having participated in the very successful Steam Turbine outage at McGuire Station. During the same timeframe, our team assisted with emergent mechanical work on the Motor Generator set at the Fitzpatrick site and also supported emergent valve repair efforts at the Nine Mile Point facility, including vital unplanned welding services to address material items discovered during the refueling outage. These four parallel service efforts clearly demonstrated our team’s technical capabilities and validated our ‘any job, anytime, anywhere’ customer service core value.

Going forward, our goal is to continue providing outstanding customer care and quality in our ever-broadening technical service arena. I want to personally thank our extended team, the 65 Powerhouse Resources professionals that joined me in the ‘field’ this spring-- we completed all tasks on schedule, with zero “lost time” and everyone returned home safely, despite the COVID-19 challenges that we’re still facing today.

Stellar efforts by all — GREAT JOB!!

Systematic Industrial Operations (SIO) Training enhances Fleet Performance

The Powerhouse Team enters our third year partnering with CALPINE . We are in the closing stages of helping to develop and deliver the fleet wide Operational Excellence program. We continue to go Unit to Unit to reach the entire fleet. Over 80 of CALPINE’s executives and regional managers took part in the kick off in Houston, Texas.

For more information on this training for your organization please training page.


Nine Mile / Fitzpatrick Emergent Repairs

  • MG Set Mechanical / Feedpump
  • Valve Repair and Welding Crew assist
  • Circulating Water Pump Overhaul (Turnkey)
  • Circularting Water Pump
  • 2 Feed booster Pump
  • Recirculating water pump motor change out
  • N-Seal Rebuild
  • Test and Final Installation

Plant Vogtle

  • Feedpump Overhaul (Turnkey)

Plant Hatch

  • Emergent Feedwater Pump Bearing Repair

McGuire Station

  • Mechanical assist on “B” LP Steam Turbine
  • Mechanical assist on Main Generator Inspection
  • Overhaul RFP
  • Overhaul RFP Aux Steam Turbine

Calpine Projects

  • 7 SIO Training Sessions for Operational Excellence Program
  • Continued individualized site specific training

Orlando Utilities Commission(OUC) Project

  • SIO Training Sessions for Plant Management
  • Completed Initial Operators training sessions
  • Scheduling phase of final Training sessions

Power Plant Operations and Matinenance Conference, Charlotte, NC

  • Al Meadows was an Expert Speaker on Day 1 Topic was Human Performance and Systematic Industrial Operations

This is a photo of a Circulating Water Pump project at Nine Mile Point by Powerhouse Resources.

This is a photo of the new Foster Wheeler rotating element at Nine Mile Point assembled by Powerhouse Resources.

This is a photo of Condensate Pump at Fitzpatrick by Powerhouse Resources.

This is a photo of Circulating Water Pump at Fitzpatrick by Powerhouse Resources.

This is a photo of Circulating Water Pump New Motor Installed by Powerhouse Resources.